If the child has good habits


Karaman Pagava
Tbilisi State Medical University
Irakli Pagava
Tbilisi State Medical University


psychology, pediatrics


A person's physical, mental and social well-being largely depends on how he was raised in childhood; About what habits were inculcated, what they were taught. Good habits are a prerequisite for health, a prerequisite for the fact that a person will be able to realize himself as much as possible and live happily.

This brochure, the introduction of which you are now reading, is devoted to the problem of developing useful habits. We have to teach and inculcate many things in the child, although it is not very easy. We focused mainly on the key issues, the issues that we think are the most difficult to solve.

In our opinion, these are, for example, habituation of the child to decency, cleanliness and neatness. Or, at first glance, such a seemingly simple problem as dressing independently. A significant portion of the overall volume of the text is devoted to potty training and bladder control. We attach no less importance to the issue, which, we think, a large number of parents get very wrong. This is proper nutrition and dental care. It should be said that attention is focused on the problem mentioned in the second half of the title of this chapter. You will probably agree with us that it is very important to observe the daily routine for the child. You will agree with us that it is sometimes difficult to get the baby to sleep. We should try to accustom the child to exercise, fresh air and exercise. We consider it very necessary to use free time wisely, to be curious, to perceive beauty. Then we talk about the rules of behavior, and finally - about independence and enthusiasm, kindergarten. As a last word, we describe the methods of influencing the little one in summary.

This brochure for parents is mainly for preschool and elementary school children. We hope you find it useful.


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January 28, 2023