Advice for young parents


Karaman Pagava
Tbilisi State Medical University


psychology, pediatrics


The book popularly conveys the main issues of nutrition, care and upbringing of children under one year of age, it is intended for young parents.

Child care is an excellent measure of a nation's intelligence and foresight. In this regard, the Georgian people have ancient and strong traditions.
Everyone wants the next generation to be healthy, intelligent, strong-willed, right-handed, with high morals and refined taste. For a representative of a small nation, these qualities are of vital importance.
Our great culture, the achievements of which we are rightly proud both in the past and now, should also be properly reflected in childcare. Let's not deprive Norchi of the mother's breast, sun and air, the opportunity of wonderful developers to beautify the nature of Georgians in this way. Let's sing native lullabies, caress them with our soothing words, and instill in them the love of mother and homeland.
The first year of life is of great importance in the formation of a person, in his upbringing. Only warmth and allergies, common sense and even episodic consultations of a children's doctor-pediatrician are not enough. Parents should be able to assess physical and mental development and general condition, recognize even minor deviations in time and provide first aid, should be familiar with the basic principles of proper nutrition, general hygiene and promotion of neuro-psychic development.
I hope that the presented work will help young parents to clarify the mentioned issues.


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January 28, 2023