Biomechanics and Kinesiology


Nikoloz Gotsiridze
Tamar Sanikidze
Tbilisi State Medical University
Maia Mantskava
Tbilisi State Medical University


In the book, the authors review the postulates and regularities of biomechanics and kinesiology, describe the biomechanical properties of cells, tissues, organs, systems, which contribute to the interdependence and  normal  functioning  of  cells,  tissues,  organs  and  systems.  The  book  consists  of  2  sections: Biomechanics I and Biomechanics II. The materials presented in the book is intended for a course of 100 and  more  hours.  The  text  is  illustrated  with  180  images.  Perception  and  the  study  of  functional relationships were facilitated represented by the formulas. A description of laboratory works and the sequence  of  their  implementation  is  included  in  the  book  as  an  appendix.  For  self-assessment  of  the material  passed,  the  book  provides  a  list  of  discussion  issues.  The  book  helps  to  combine  theory  and practical approaches in the field of biomechanics, develops the skills of multidisciplinary discussion of facts  and  events,  which  is  very  important  for  specialists  in  the  field  of  medicine.  The  book  is recommended for students of all levels of medical education, researchers, all interested parties. For them and  for  practicing  physicians,  rehabilitators,  health  professionals,  and  represetivests  of  theoretical biomedical area, the book will serve as a textbook.


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September 17, 2022