Grab The Economics and possibilities of its returning in the national repository


Ramaz Namicheishvili




The work deals with the global economic processes that led to the 
intervention of the middle and lower talent of national countries, particularly in Georgia, and the elite intellectuals were blocked the way to the higher echelons of the government. Factors are investigated and the reasons are presented according to which the massive impoverishment and lumpiness of the population are "Intentional action of the National government", since the duality involved in the political elite made business of their foreign patrons- United World Economic Constructors and they are so 'internationals', 
that they chose to be their graver instead of service of their country and people, and they even painstakingly do it. The economy is grabbed, but the possibility of returning to its national space is essential. Though, the situation is complicated by the fact that public thinking is in the captivity of Lucifer and so far it does not come to mind. In the work is presented the National Traditional Integral Resources of Georgia, which implementation is a guarantee of maintaining national uniqueness of the country. The book is intended for masters, doctoral students and readers who are interested in economic problems.


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November 5, 2018