Methods of obtaining materials, predicting properties and planning experiments


Mamuka Matsaberidze
Georgian Technical University


"smart materials", "green" fertilizers, bioplastics, self-healing polymer composite, microencapsulation, growth factors of the competitiveness of georgian coal, porous materials, strategies for providing road-building materials, industrial wastewater treatment, natural substances and their application prospects, research topology of strategies


The lecture course is the compiler of the study plan of the doctoral educational program of GTU (Georgian Technical University ) and is presented under the names: EETI6504G2-LS methods of material acquisition, property prediction and experiment planning. The mentioned educational literature is intended for the students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of Georgian Technical University, the Doctoral Educational Program of Chemical and Biological Engineering, as well as for readers interested in the specified problem. The issues discussed in the paper are arranged according to the program (syllabus) approved for the course and include all issues to be discussed programmatically. The lecture course includes 494 pages: it consists of a table of contents and 15 chapters (lecture topics). Each lecture topic is represented by a list of cited literature. In the doctoral lecture course, on the basis of data analysis of modern literature, the basic theoretical principles of receiving materials are fully reviewed, the knowledge of which is necessary for planning and conducting this or that experiment, for predicting properties and analyzing the obtained results. It concerns not only the adoption of existing traditional types of materials, but also the purposeful planning and creation of new materials based on the latest technologies. The presented lecture course discusses the basics of making many types of materials useful in technology, chemical and biological technologies, starting from traditional materials and ending with modern products.


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Author Biography

Mamuka Matsaberidze, Georgian Technical University

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Faculty of Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy 



September 18, 2023