Some controversial aspects of Biology


Malkhaz Vakhania


life, living, origin of life, evolution, theory of evolution, natural selection


  The origin of life and the main issues of its evolutionary development are still the subject of debate in Biology. No scientific experiment can convincingly explain the origin of even simple organic components necessary for life from inorganic compounds, not to mention the origin of unicellular organisms and the origin of multicellular organisms from them. The emergence of life and its constant and sustainable maintenance in the form of living organisms is associated with their gradual development - evolution. Despite the fact that certain evolutionary processes are obvious, the essence of many stages of the development of the living world, regardless the existence of scientific hypotheses, is obscure andimpossibileto be perceived by humans. Therefore, a deep analysis of modern data makes us think that the origin of life and the random processes underlying the evolutionary processes associated with it cannot be absolute. The monograph presents the essence of the problems associated with these very relevant topics of Biology, the scientific prospects for solving of which at this stage of the development of natural science are not clearly outlined.


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July 6, 2023