WEATHER, CLIMATE AND THEIR CHANGE REGULARITIES FOR THE CONDITIONS OF GEORGIA: The monograph was published with the financial support of the Shota Rustaveli Scientific Foundation, grant No. SP-22-1253


Liana Kartvelishvili; Marika Tatishvili; Avtandil Amiranashvili; Lia Megrelidze; Nato Kutaladze


In the monograph "Weather, climate and their change regularities for the conditions of Georgia" the natural factors causing the formation and variability of weather, as well as one of the important problems of modernity, climate change and causing reasons are studied in the complex manner using modern technologies. The data of the ground based hydrometeorological network and satellite observations of the Earth Observation Mission are used. The impact of climate change on the number of sectors of the country's economy (construction industry, tourism, healthcare, education
and others) has been evaluated. The monograph has both scientific and practical value. The monograph is intended for specialists working in this field and the wide society. It can be used as the supplementary handbook for students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of higher education institutions.



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April 4, 2023