Agricultural production and environmental protection


Solomon Pavliashvili
Avtandil Korakhashvili
Davit Kirvalidze


Agricultural production and environmental protection is a science-based study of the agrarian sector of economy. Dictionary gave data and the origin of agricultural crops, their growing and varieties development, geographical distribution, food safety and security, food and feed processing technologies, rational use and consumption of natural resources. Definition of terms in the book explains all the terms that are used in the modern agrarian sector and environmental protection. These two directions are important for increasing crops yield and minimizing the negative "impact" on the ecological environment, preventing genetic erosion of soil and vegetation for the obtaining ecologically clean and safety products. The mentioned publication will contribute to the raising of public awareness of the population, dissemination of the latest advance technologies and development conditions, and will increase guarantees of food security and safety.


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March 29, 2023